Hi, my name is kevin ly

what i do

Chase dreams and enjoy the journey
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I am a graduate from St. George’s University School of Medicine Class of 2018. I am currently a family medicine resident.

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Landscape, travel and astrophotographer with an increasingly strong background in portraiture and event photography.

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For either school or leisure, I thoroughly enjoy traveling and learning about the cultures and experiences of people from each new destination.

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I love the process of learning and take the experiences and lessons that come from every venture as invaluable lessons for the future.

About me

"...when people see things from multiple perspectives, working together becomes more efficient."

I enjoy a lot of things that are seemingly unrelated but I make an effort to combine them in a way to allow myself to do things I enjoy using the skills I know to accomplish tasks in ways that have not been done before.

I try to be the best that I can be at everything I do and push myself even when others think it is good enough. Most times I am never satisfied with myself but I use that to promote progress and refinement rather than a discouragement from success. I often push myself to learn new and drastically different things. Based purely on my childhood, it would be hard to imagine I ever had any interest in becoming a physician but now reflecting back, I believe my multi-perspective learning with passions in various fields of study will contribute to a better foundation for approaching problems in medicine.

Most people are surprised when they ask me how long I’ve been doing something because they expect me to say years when in reality I’ve only been doing it for months. I attribute this to the focus I have to accomplishing and mastering each skill at a time rather than all at once while still retaining the bigger picture and seeing how each part fits together to accomplish a larger task.

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